I’m Zack, an Animator and Motion Designer from Victoria, BC, based in Montreal.  Contact me at zacklamoureux@gmail.com

Hammer Time


An iOS curling game, made with Unity.

Click here (on your iOS device) to join the beta!

Game Design, Illustration, Animation, Music

Unity, AE, AI

Tonz Teaser


A little teaser for TONZ.  Cinematography by Bea Scharf-Pierzchala and Set dressing by Monica Rekas

Illustration, Animation, Editing, VFX
Ae, Pr, An

New Reel!


A selection of new work from the past year or so

Illustration, Animation, Music

Titles: Ae and An

Hopeless Romantic


Rotoscoping, matte painting and compositing @ The Workshop Mile End, video directed by TK McKarny

Compositing, Rotoscoping
Ae, Mocha

Montreal, Quebec